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Chance It – Boz Scaggs

Until last week, I had no idea Boz Scaggs was.  I did know the producer though: Steve Jordan.  If I made a list of the Top 5 people I’d like to meet in life, Steve would be on that list.  It was from a tweet that I found out he was responsible for production on Memphis, so I picked it up.  Turns out this Boz Scaggs guy has been doing it for decades, with a few platinum albums under his belt.  The record is great if you’re into a bluesy mood.

The strength from this record comes from the players.  The lyrical content is typical of any sort of blues record (love-loss, landscapes of the South).  The guys Scaggs recruited have been doing this their whole lives.  It feels like they did this record in a few days.  So much freedom.  These are what I call pure musicians.  Don’t get me wrong, programming takes much skill and patience, but this is the kind of music that makes you want to pick up that instrument you’ve neglected for so long and give it another go.

Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl – Cadillac Walk – Dry Spell are my faves.  Great addition to my collection!


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