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Security Guards Are Lonely People

As I type, Toronto is completely snowed in.  The roads cannot be plowed fast enough for drivers to hit asphalt.  Most drivers WILL run out of windshield washer fluid by lunchtime.  Nonetheless, I had somewhere to be this morning.  Serena Ryder was performing a few songs off her latest album Harmony for Canada AM.  Got up at around 6:30am, shoveled the driveway and headed out.  I arrived at around 8 (stage call 7:30).  I walk down a long hallway just off the where the main reception is.  Nobody is in line.  I assume that I’m the only one who had braved the weather!  I was wrong.  The security guard had to be there to secure the long line of rowdies.  I ask if this is where the line-up is.  He said yes, but that there were four others who were waiting in another room for the performance, but assured me that they had to pass by him to get to the soundstage.  So I decide to wait with him.  We get into a classic weather conversation. (‘People can’t drive in winter’ ‘401 will be crazy right now’ ‘snow plows don’t plow quickly enough’).  I checked my watch and its around 8:30.  I’m thinking that there is some sort of delay.  I learn more about the security guard who has another job this afternoon at St. Clair West and will likely’ take the subway’ to avoid having to find parking (doesn’t ever know where he’ll be until the morning of).  Soon, another security guard shows up.  I’m 6’3, 260 lbs.  This dude was probably 6’5, 310.  He sees me and asks if I’m there for the Serena performance.  I say yes.  He says: Its almost done.  Come with me.  He gives the rent-a-guard a look of disbelief, then escorts me to the soundstage.  He lets me though a side-door that opens into the show.  Its clearly not the ‘visitors’ entrance.  I walk past the soundboard where the engineer is doing levels and a few other CTV workers.  When I get in, I hear 10 seconds of her second song, then its all done.


During takedown, Serena goes over to the four fans who came out to see her.  I then go over to them as she signs a few CD’s and take some pics.  After she’s done with them, she comes over to me and says hi.  I share my story, and she feels bad.  She’s performing again this afternoon at MUCH.  I get a picture, my heart goes a-flutter, then I leave.

Was it worth it?  I’d say yes if I didn’t give up a shift at work to see her.  Anyone have any odd jobs for me?  I’m out a couple bucks. . .


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